Ammunition, Firearms, Targets & Safety


Exhibitors are responsible for providing their own ammunition. ALL steel core or steel jacketed and 50 BMG ammunition is NOT permitted at the range.  Click to download the Ammo Calculator to help determine the estimated amount of ammunition needed.

RSOs will check ammunition for steel core using magnets. If detected, the ammunition will not be permitted. Smoke, gas, powder, grenade-like exploding rounds are not permitted.


Full auto firearms or anything that mimics full auto are only permitted in select bays. You must be confirmed in order to be eligible to shoot full auto.

Grenade launchers or grenade-type launchers are not permitted. Movement shooting is not permitted.

No personal firearms allowed.


All firearms for display purposes whether in the non-shooting pavilion or at a shooting exhibit will be inspected on Sunday during setup. All firearms to be displayed must be in the exhibitor space by 3:00 PM Sunday to be inspected by the RSO. Once a firearm has been deemed inoperable, the firearm will be clearly tagged.


Non-lethal devices should be in non-fire condition. Pepper sprays that are being handled must be empty. CEWs must not be charged and shall have the batteries removed ready for display.


On Monday, the range will go hot after 7:30 AM, only with the authorization of a RSO. At no time will any exhibitor be allowed to proceed down range for any reason unless given authorization to do so by a RSO. The range will go cold at 4:30 PM, no exceptions. Exhibitors may not call the range cold. If the range needs to go cold for any reason, notify a RSO. Be mindful that the range may need to go cold at the discretion of the RSO’s throughout the Event.


The Action Target Safety Award will be given to the Industry Day exhibitor that holds the highest standard of safety during the Event. A panel of safety auditors will judge each exhibitor on their firearms safety practices. The winning exhibitor will be awarded the Action Target Safety Award trophy at the Action Target SHOT Show Booth. The winner will receive $2,000 toward their 2025 Industry Day registration fee. Savage Arms was awarded the 2023 Safety Award .


Safety plugs will be available through RSOs. Safety plugs must be utilized when transporting firearms throughout the range


All shooting exhibits include a variety of steel targets sponsored by Action Target and polymer targets. No outside targets are permitted unless you are a target manufacturer in an exclusive bay. Industry Day reserves the right to remove any unapproved targets. The use of paper targets is available for exclusive shooting bays upon request. At no time will an exhibitor be allowed to proceed down range for any reason.

Steel targets are not to be moved and must remain against a berm.

Full auto exhibits will include polymer targets. Full auto or anything that mimics full auto is only permitted in select bays. You must be confirmed in order to be eligible to shoot full auto.

Exploding targets and/or the use of Tannerite is NOT permitted at the range. Exploding targets and/or Tannerite targets will have your shooting area shutdown for the remainder of the Event. NO EXCEPTIONS.