Exhibitor FAQs

What is Industry Day at the Range?

Industry Day at the Range™ is held annually the day before the opening of SHOT Show®. Industry Day provides invited members of the press and retail, wholesale and law enforcement purchasing agents the opportunity for hands-on testing, review and evaluation of almost every category of product in the shooting, hunting and outdoor markets. Exhibiting opportunities are open to all members of the shooting, hunting and outdoor industry; manufacturers, brands, conservation groups, and shooting organizations are welcome as space permits. With over 2,500 media and buyers in attendance, Industry Day continues to be the largest, most influential one-day event in the hunting and shooting industry.

Industry Day allows for a wide spectrum of exhibitors including firearms, ammunition, optics, trucks, ATV’s, knives, archery, and more. This will be the fifteenth year that the media have gathered the day before SHOT Show to test and learn about new products for stories for the upcoming year. As with the media, providing buyers with hands-on experience while attending SHOT Show gives them an opportunity to sell new products through firsthand experience.

What are the show hours?

The event will take place from 8:30AM-4:30PM on Monday, January 20, 2025, the day before the opening day of SHOT Show. The day is split into two sessions; the first will open to invited and registered media at 8:30AM who are welcome to stay the entire day (4:30PM). The afternoon session will open at 12:00PM to invited and registered buyers, distributors, wholesalers/retailers, and LE/military buyers.

When will exhibitor registration open?

Registration for existing exhibitors will open in March 2024. Registration for new exhibitors will open on April 3, 2024.

What does my exhibiting fee include?

Details on what is included with each exhibit space may be found in the Exhibitor Resource Center.

What is the payment schedule?

A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at time of registration to reserve your space. Payment in full is due August 31, 2024. No refunds are given after August 31, 2024, for any reason whatsoever, even if Industry Day is sold out.

Are there sponsorship opportunities available?

Yes, see the Sponsorship page for all sponsorship opportunities. In addition, we have Exhibitor Services available to further your experience at Industry Day.

Can I share my exhibit space with another company?

No, sharing or sub-letting of contracted exhibit space is strictly prohibited unless pre-approved during the registration process by Industry Day management. Non-exhibiting company representatives are not permitted and will be removed from the Event. Non-exhibiting manufacturers are not permitted to attend Industry Day at the Range.

Where can I eat at the range?

Exhibitors can purchase breakfast and lunch from food trucks throughout the range. Your company may order lunch tickets for staff using the Exhibitor Services form in your exhibitor account. Cash and credit cardswill also be accepted. Exhibitors with a sponsorship that includes lunch will be provided lunch tickets. Any pre-purchased lunch tickets or sponsors that receive lunch may pick-up their lunch tickets at the exhibitor information area at the range on Sunday during set-up.

How do I register my staff?

Your SHOT Show badge also serves as your Industry Day badge. View the exhibitor staff badge page here for more information. You must register separately for SHOT Show at www.SHOTShow.org, once registration opens. Exhibiting at Industry Day does not include the cost to attend SHOT Show.

Can I pickup my badge at the range?

SHOT Show Badges: To help cut down on the amount of people in lines, we encourage the company designated onsite contact to pick up all the badges. Individuals are also allowed to pick up their badge. Badge pickup locations and information can be found here; https://shotshow.org/badge-pickup-locations/.

If you have requested an Industry Day only badge for a company representative through the Staff Badge Request Form, that badge will be available for pickup on Sunday at the range during setup.

How do I ship/return my items?

All shipments are processed through Derse Exhibits. Details on shipment dates, costs, and shipping product can be found in the Exhibitor Resource Center. Items shipped through Derse will be available on Sunday at the range.

When can I setup?

Exhibitors are required to setup on Sunday, January 19, 2025. Supporting Sponsors can begin setting up after 9 AM. Setup begins at 10 AM for all other exhibitors. Setup must be completed by 4:30 PM on Sunday. Exhibitors can arrive at the range for final setup at 7 AM on Monday. If an exhibitor is not fully set-up by 7:30 AM on Monday, the day of the event, they forfeit their space and ability to exhibit.

Is there security at the range?

Starting Sunday there is 24/7 security at the range.

Am I responsible for my own ammunition?

You are responsible for providing your own ammunition for the event. 

How should I refer to the event in marketing materials, company communications or social media?

When referring to the event your company must use; SHOT Show® Industry Day at the Range™ or Industry Day at the Range™. #IndustryDayatheRange #SHOTShowRangeDay #IndustryDay

Where do I find a map of the range?

The 2024 range map can be found here.

Can I bring my pet to Industry Day?

NO animals except for properly identified on-duty ADA recognized service animals.

Are personal firearms or ammunition allowed?

NO personal firearms or ammunition allowed.

Are drones allowed?

NO, this is for the safety of all attendees.

Where should I go if I have additional questions?

Please visit the Exhibitor Resource Center which provides additional information for a successful event. We will also assign you an Industry Day host. This individual will assist you prior to the event; during set-up and throughout the event. Your host will reach out and introduce themselves in October. From that point forward they are there to help ensure your Industry Day at the Range expectations are met and exceeded.

2025 Schedule of Events for Exhibitors

Setup – Sunday, January 19

9:00AM – 4:30PM – Supporting Sponsor Setup

10:00AM – 4:30PM – Exhibitor Setup

Industry at the Range – Monday, January 20

7:00 – 8:30AM – Manufacturer Registration & Setup

8:30AM – 4:30PM – Open to Invited Media

12:00 – 4:30PM – Open to Invited Buyers