Setup / Teardown


Exhibitor setup begins at 9:00 AM for Supporting Sponsors and 10:00 AM for all other exhibitors on Sunday, January 19, 2025. To sign-out shipments, go to your designated Derse truck. Your Host will inform exhibitors of their designated Derse truck (upper or lower) prior to the Event. If needed, we will assist in delivering shipments to exhibit areas via forklift. Exhibitors are required to setup exhibit areas on Sunday to ensure you are ready when doors open Monday morning. If an exhibitor is not fully setup by 8:00 AM on Monday, their space and ability to exhibit will be forfeited – this is for the safety of all attendees at the Event.


Exhibitors may setup exhibit areas, including hanging banners, display tables, etc., after 11:00 AM (10:00 AM – Supporting Sponsors) on Sunday, January 19, 2025. After 12:00 PM, the range will go hot only with the authorization of a Range Safety Officer (RSO). At this time, exhibitors may sight-in firearms. At no time will any exhibitor be allowed to proceed down range for any reason. All firearms in the non-shooting exhibit area will be inspected on Sunday during setup. All firearms for display only must be in the exhibitor space by 3:00 PM on Sunday for inspection by a RSO.


Exhibitors may pick up an Unloading Pass from the Exhibitor Info Tent at the main entrance during setup on Sunday, to unload additional items Monday morning, if needed. Unloading passes must be filled out completely and displayed when entering the range on Monday morning. Exhibitors may unload vehicles from 7:00 – 8:00 AM Monday morning. Vehicles MUST be moved to the parking lot by 8:00 AM or it will be towed. Vehicles are not permitted inside the range including: range walkways or near exhibiting areas between 8:00 AM and 4:45 PM. This is for the safety of the Industry Day staff, exhibitors and attendees.


Exhibitors are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from the range. The NSSF Bus Transportation is limited to media and buyers.


Supplies that you may have forgotten will be available for purchase at the Exhibitor Information tent. Items that will be available include; scissors, staple guns, rope, zip ties, tape, table cloths, ammunition (limited quantities and calibers), gun oil, cleaning kits and more. Cash or credit cards will be accepted.


Exhibitors may purchase breakfast and lunch from a variety of food trucks throughout the Event. Cash and credit cards will be accepted. Exhibitors may also purchase lunch tickets in advance using the online Exhibitor Services Form. Exhibitors with a sponsorship that include lunch may pick up their tickets at the Exhibitor Info Tent at the main entrance on Sunday.

There will be food trucks at the range during setup on Sunday from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Cash, credit cards and pre-purchased lunch tickets will be accepted.


No outside catered food may be brought into the Event.


No animals, except for properly identified on-duty ADA recognized service animals, are permitted, unless pre-approved and authorized by Industry Day management.


We require that exhibitors check firearms and ammunition back into a secured Derse truck by 4:30 PM on Sunday and retrieve them on Monday morning. Industry Day has hired 24-hour security. Items may be checked out from the Derse trucks beginning at 7:00 AM on Monday.

When checking items in for overnight storage:

  • Cases must be locked – they will NOT be accepted without locks.
  • Cases received will have security tape applied at time of drop off.
  • Boxes must be sealed – they will NOT be accepted without being sealed.
  • Complete form supplied by attendant with description of items to be stored. When retrieving items from trailer a photo ID and business card are required to remove any secured items.
  • Complete form supplied by attendant with description of items to be removed.
  • A copy of this document will be provided to you and will be required if any items are left in storage.


Exhibit spaces may not be packed up and dismantled until the close of the Event (4:30 PM). Early teardown is not permitted. Industry Day staff will advise when vehicles are permitted into the exhibit area (approx. 4:45 PM). Vehicles will NOT be permitted inside the range while media and buyers are in attendance. Exhibitors are responsible for collecting all items from the range and shipping them out appropriately. Any items left at the range will be properly disposed of and your company will be charged a $250 clean-up fee.