Exhibit Information


Exhibitors may NOT bring ATV’s for transportation around the range. Onsite ATV’s may only be used by authorized Industry Day staff.


Exhibitors may only hang banners, signage, posters, or teardrop banners at their exhibit space. Sponsors may hang additional banners as outlined in their Sponsorship Agreements. Due to high desert winds banners must include wind slits or be constructed from polyester mesh. Only registered exhibitors may hang banners, banners of non-paying exhibitors may not be hung. Teardrop banners may be displayed but must be no more than 13 feet high and must be placed within your exhibit space. Management reserves the right to remove unauthorized banners.


Exhibitors who have purchased display trailer space must have their trailer parked by 3:00 PM on Sunday. Your Host will coordinate the arrival schedule with you. Show trailers space is limited to the dimensions registered, therefore we will not be able to accommodate additional space at the range. Drivers may not sleep on premise.

Pickup trucks or small display vehicles must be onsite and parked in designated area by 7:30 AM on Monday. They must stay parked and will not be able to be moved until after 4:45 PM. Display vehicles and show trailers must be pre-approved and authorized by Industry Day management.


Sharing or sub-letting of contracted exhibit space is strictly prohibited unless pre-approved during the registration process by Industry Day management. Non-exhibiting company representatives are not permitted and will be removed from the Event.


Due to local fire marshal regulations exhibitors may not bring gas or electric powered heaters.


A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at time of registration to reserve space. Payment in full is due August 31, 2023. No refunds are given after August 31, 2023, for any reason whatsoever, even if Industry Day is sold out.


Each exhibit includes a covered area with either a permanent awning or tent. Exhibitor purchased tents or pop-up tents may only be used in exclusive shooting bays. At no time may a tent or banner impede or encroach upon another exhibitor’s area. Industry Day management reserves the right to remove tents due to wind or safety concerns. Tent tops are not permitted.



  • Display banners; 3’x5’ banners are recommended to hang from 10×10 exhibit tents. All banners should have wind slits. Teardrop banners are also recommended to stake next to exhibit areas. Teardrop banners must be limited to 13 feet high.
  • Supplies to hang banners; zip-ties, string, rope, etc.
  • Lanyards, badges are your SHOT Show badges and do not fit traditional badge holders. Double bulldog clipped lanyards are suggested.
  • Company tablecloths, tables provided are 8ft tables.
  • Eye and hearing protection for staff. Eye and hearing protection is provided to attendees.
  • Be sure all personnel have name badges and wear logo’d clothing so the attendees can easily identify you.