2015 Event Breaks Attendance Record

In its tenth year, the 2015 SHOT Show® Industry Day at the Range™ was attended by over 1,100 members of the media and over 400 buyers. With 170 manufacturers exhibiting, and over 500,000 rounds of ammunition shot, Industry Day is the largest hands-on event in the hunting and shooting industry, giving outdoor media and buyers the opportunity to shoot and test new products for 2015.  This year’s exhibiting companies featured firearms, ATV and truck demos, knife throwing, archery and more.

According to Chris Davis, Marketing Manager at Glock® “Industry Day 2015 was a huge success! The annual Industry Day at the Range is the single largest media and buyer event of the year and an invaluable part of introducing new products.”

“Industry Day at the Range brings the press hands-on introduction to new products, a chance to photograph and ask questions outside the maelstrom of SHOT week –better organized now than ever, and more effective, given the morning/afternoon scheduling to limit crowding. A great event!” said Wayne van Zwoll – Freelance Contributor.

“Seeing and handling all of the new gear at SHOT is one of the show’s greatest draws. However, actually USING the gear is what puts Industry Day at the Range at the very top of my list every year.” Kevin Wilson, Account Development Manager- Eastern Region, Davidson’s., Inc.

In conjunction with NSSF, Industry Day at the Range continues to put safety at the forefront of the event. The fourth annual Action Target Industry Day Safety Award was presented to Smith & Wesson for demonstrating the highest standards of safety during the event. Exhibitors were judged on their firearms safety practices by a panel of safety auditors from DOA Tactical.

Show management would like to express a special thank you to Industry Day’s presenting sponsor, NSSF, as well to its supporting sponsors and partners. “Their support helps make this event the success that it is,” stated Cathy Williams, president of CMG Marketing & Events. “We welcome all of our 2015 sponsors and exhibitors, as well as prospective new participants, to be part of the 2016 event.”

Next year’s SHOT Show® Industry Day at the Range™ will be held on January 18, 2016. Registration for existing exhibitors will open March 15 and to new exhibitors on April 15. Visit www.SHOTShowRangeDay.com for details concerning exhibitor registration in the coming weeks.

Exhibiting opportunities are open to all members in the hunting and shooting industry; manufacturers, conservation groups and shooting organizations are welcomed on a first-come, first-served basis.