Exhibitor Staff Registration


Staff with a SHOT Show badge under your company name:  All staff registered for SHOT Show under your company name will automatically have the Industry Day icon on their badge. You can login to your SHOT Show Exhibitor Dashboard to ensure your staff is registered for SHOT Show; www.SHOTShow.org. You do NOT need to supply us with the individuals attending Industry Day in this scenario.

STAFF working your Industry Day booth who will have a SHOT Show badge under a different company name (PR agency, Rep Group): Complete option 1 of the Staff Badge Request Form within your account. You will be required to supply their full name, company and affiliation. All information MUST match their SHOT Show registration.

STAFF working your Industry Day booth who will NOT be registered for SHOT Show: Complete option 2 of the Staff Badge Request Form form within your account. You will be required to supply their full name, company and reason why they do not have a SHOT Show badge. This would be someone who is assisting you at Industry Day but will NOT be attending SHOT Show. These individuals will be vetted prior to approval.

The Staff Badge Request Form from must be completed by December 14. There will NO ONISTE registration for staff. All staff must be pre-registered and approved prior to Industry Day at the Range.


Badges must be worn and visible at all times on Sunday, January 20, 2019 (setup) and Monday, January 21, 2019. We will have the ability to reprint any forgotten or lost badges at the range.

For safety reasons staff at exhibits are limited to the following. All exhibitor badges will be scanned prior to entry so you are accountable for ensuring these staff limits are not exceeded.

        • Exclusive Bay – 20 persons
        • Shooting Lane – 8 persons
        • Airgun/Archery – 8 persons
        • Demo Area – 12 persons
        • 10×10 Non-Shooting – 4 persons


  • **All staff must be 21 years of age or older. Exhibitor guests are not permitted.