What Your Booth Includes

Exclusive Bay:

Permanent awning (dimensions below), 5 tables, 8 chairs and up to 5
shooting positions with 2 bench rests.

10x20 Shooting Area:

10×20 covered exhibit space, 4 tables, 6 chairs and up to 4 shooting
positions with 2 bench rests.

10x10 Shooting Area:

10×10 covered exhibit space, 2 tables, 4 chairs and up to 2 shooting
positions with 1 bench rest.

10x10 Airgun/Archery Area:

10×10 covered exhibit space, 2 tables, 4 chairs, targets, shooting benches and shooting rests.
Airgun - maximum distance 150 yards
Archery - maximum distance 75 yards

10x10 Less Lethal Area:

10x10 covered exhibit space, 2 tables, 4 chairs
Please reach out to kelsey@cmgmarketingandevents.com regarding your setup needs to Less Lethal prior tor registering.

ATV/Truck Demo Area:

10×10 covered exhibit space, 2 tables, 4 chairs space for up to 3 vehicles
and demo track for testing.

Non-Shooting Exhibit:

10×10 covered exhibit space, 1 table and 2 chairs.

Conservation Corner:

Display space in the Conservation Corner tent, 8 foot table, 2 chairs

Show Trailer:

Allocated space based off registered dimensions. If you wish to leave the tractor attached you must include this square footage in your registration. Drivers may not sleep on premise.

Shotgun exhibits includes throwers and clay targets.

Rifle/handgun exhibits include targets, shooting rests and bags.

Full auto exhibits will include polymer targets. Full auto is only permitted in select bays. You must be confirmed in order to be eligible to shoot full auto.

The tables provided are 8ft tables (6ft tables can be arranged, please notify your Host prior to December 3, 2018 if needed).

Additional tables can be rented for $15/table if your exhibit area has available space. Contact your Host to rent additional tables or you may do so from the supply tent onsite. Tables/chairs may not be taken from other exhibit areas.

Manual Image

Permanent Awning Dimensions

Manual Image

10’x10’ Tent Dimensions Shown10’x10’ tents are combined to create 10’x20’ and 10×30’ respectively.

Manual Image

8 ft Table Dimensions