Inbound Firearm & Product Transportation Guidelines

Follow the transporting procedures below to help ensure Industry Day at the Range and SHOT Show’s annual visit to Las Vegas continues to be a successful and safe event for everyone.

Industry Day at the Range and our sponsors at SHOT Show recognize that there may be concern about products coming to Las Vegas for Industry Day and SHOT Show; in particular, gun cases arriving at hotel front desks. We have made a concerted effort help ensure you know all the options for transporting firearms and products to Industry Day. Please review options below and utilize one of them to transport your firearms to the range. Other products may also be shipped to Derse.


All shipments are processed by Derse Exhibits. Shipments may be received by Derse Exhibits beginning December 3, 2018, and must be received by January 11, 2019. Any shipments that arrive after January 11, 2018, will incur a $50/carton and $300/pallet or skid, $500/container or crate-handling fee.  Shipments may not be sent directly to the range.
Derse Exhibits
C/O: [company name] – Industry Day 2018
3200 E. Gowan Rd., Suite 115
North Las Vegas, NV 89030
(702) 895-9998

Derse Exhibits Hours & Contact:
Luis Sandoval: (702) 797-0233,
Delivery and Pick-Up Hours: 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM


  1. All firearms must be secured in a locked case for shipment and storage.
  2. Firearms will NOT be accepted into storage or for return shipment if they are not in a locked case.
  3. Clearly label all packages with company name and Industry Day 2019. Remove all old labels.
  4. Create a detailed inventory sheet of every item being shipped, number of units, item descriptions, and tracking information. Bring list and tracking information to the range during setup.
  5. Be sure to inform your shipping department that shipments are for Industry Day and not SHOT Show. In the past we have received many shipments that have been intended for the show floor.


SHOT Show and its security team will be receiving firearm cases at the central security post inside the Sands Expo Center 24/7, beginning January 15. If arriving into Las Vegas prior to setup on Sunday, January 20, you may utilize the Sands Expo security post in meeting room 310 on Level 1 to store your firearm cases until Sunday set-up at the range.



  1. All firearms must be delivered in a case provided by the Exhibitor.
  2. There shall be NO live ammunition in the cases.
  3. You must bring these firearms to the Sands Expo through the taxi drop-off lane; do not go through the hotels.
  4. Proceed directly to the security post in meeting room 310 on Level 1.
  5. Clearly label the cases and note to security at drop-off that the firearm cases are going to Industry Day and not for display at the SHOT Show, so they can be separated accordingly.


The security post will be open 24/7. The security team can be reached 24/7 at 702-691-8522, beginning January 15, 2019.


It is against Las Vegas hotel policy to bring firearms or live ammunition through the main hotel/casino entry doors. This is a long-standing policy for most hotels in Las Vegas, and due to recent events, they will be strictly enforcing this policy.

If you are arriving in Las Vegas by any other means of transport, and your plan was to bring the firearm cases with you to your hotel, please call us immediately so we can find alternative options for receiving and transporting your firearms to the range.